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International Historical Statistics


Data description

IHS International Historical Statistics is a compendium of national and international socio-economic data from 1750 to 2010, available in both Excel and PDF formats. The database is an interactive version of a three-volume work edited by Brian Mitchell (University of Cambridge). IHS is published by Palgrave-Springer.

International Historical Statistics is structured in three geographical divisions - Africa/Asia/Oceania; The Americas and Europe - and ten themes:

  • Population and vital statistics
  • Labour force
  • Agriculture
  • Industry
  • External trade
  • Transport and communications
  • Finance
  • Commodity prices
  • Education
  • National accounts

EUI members can also access these related resources:


Time period

Coverage from 1750 to 2010 is from multiple national and international sources, varying by geographical area, period and statistical theme.


Support links
  • The paper version is located at the EUI Library, shelfmark 900.2126 MIT lower (garden) floor.


How to access data

International Historical Statistics is available via this Catalogue record.

  • The search box can be used to locate series, eg. South America > Output of Iron Ore
  • Open the section page by clicking on the title
  • Click on 'Supplementary Material'
  • Download the .xls (Excel) file.

Please read, and abide by, the terms and conditions of use for licensed data resources.


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Page last updated on 13 February 2024

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