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EUI Telephone Contact Policy

The European University Institute Telephone Contact Policy aims at describing the organisation of telephone services (EUI phone office extensions) in order to facilitate an efficient communication with the various Academic and Administrative Units.

  • The EUI has activated an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to improve the communication effectiveness with external contacts.
  • Via the IVR it shall be possible to reach the desired Unit by calling the Institute's main number [+39] 055 4685 1 and following the instructions as directed over phone.
  • All phone extensions shall be clearly indicated in the Contact webpage of each Unit, or through the searchable electronic version of the EUI Telephone Directory, visible to internal and external users.
  • The electronic telephone directory includes Professors, Research Assistants and Research Associates, Fellows as well as Administrative Staff and Trainees and it is updated automatically on a daily basis with information provided by Academic Service and Human Resources.
  • Each Unit shall be contacted as well via a guaranteed contact number manned by the relevant administrative coordinator.
  • It shall be the Unit's responsibility to make sure there is an answer to calls made to the aforementioned guaranteed contact numbers during the Unit's working hours.
  • In order to make the above possible, telephone forwarding must be taken into consideration and configured accordingly: each Unit is requested to provide the ICT Service with its preferences.
  • During bank holidays and Institute’s closures, the EUI telephone system will inform callers via a recorded message, that the Institute is closed:
    • The message is activated for all incoming calls directed to EUI extensions.
    • All internal numbers can still make outgoing calls.
    • The message allows callers to be connected to an emergency number.
  • During absence of EUI members for holidays, sickness, etc., the following actions must be performed:
    • If all members in the call cascade are absent, the main user must divert incoming calls manually (Forward All) to a colleague who can answer, unless Voicemail is configured.
    • Users must remember to cancel the Forward All option on their return.



Page last updated on 27 April 2020

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