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ICT User Support

The EUI Helpdesk should be your first point of contact for all ICT support queries:

The EUI Helpdesk will:

  • answer in English and Italian
  • be your initial point of contact for all ICT queries
  • centrally administer all support requests (tickets)
  • provide first line support and fixes where possible
  • escalate issues as and when required to relevant technical units (see below for full list)


Please Note: to ensure continuity of service, the phone numbers for your local ICT User Support offices will divert through to the EUI Helpdesk.


ICT User Support Offices

Provide user support for the EUI ICT infrastructure, which includes computer room/office PCs and EUI laptops, EUI email, standard software, networking and remote computing.

Assistance can be sought via [email protected] email address, EUI Helpdesk portal, telephone (ext. 2600 or [+39] 055 4685 600) or in person. The ICT User Support offices are located in most EUI buildings and are staffed with ICT technicians.


Portable Device Support

Offers support for personally-owned laptops (Windows, Mac or Ubuntu), smartphones and tablets (Android, iOS, Windows Phone).
Mainly provide assistance with EUI email, WiFi, VPN, connecting to network printers and accessing network storage areas (G: drive, etc.).

Support is provided via [email protected] email address, EUI Helpdesk portal, telephone (ext. 2030 or [+39] 055 4685 030 and 2020 or [+39] 055 4685 020) or in person via dedicated service desks.

Telephone Support

Assists with all internal telephones, fax machines and EUI-issued BlackBerries, iPhones and Mobile Internet Dongles.
Support is provided via [email protected] email address, EUI Helpdesk portal or telephone (ext. 2600 or [+39] 055 4685 600).


Print Support

Provides assistance to all Ricoh MultiFunction Printers and office printers, print rights and print quota.

Support is provided via [email protected] email address, EUI Helpdesk portal or telephone (ext. 2600 or [+39] 055 4685 600).


Research Software Tutors

Assist with use of research software at the Institute. Tutors are current researchers at the EUI who support software such as MatLab, Stata, etc., and remote computing facilities.
Appointments and requests for support are to be made via email.

ICT User Support Coordination

The ICT User Support group is managed by Martin Legner, assisted by Leonardo Viti.

For further information call ext. 2991 or [+39] 055 4685 991 and 2284 or [+39] 055 4685 284.



Other Useful Information

ICT Support Policy and SLA

Details level of support provided for the ICT infrastructure and to personal laptops.

Supported OS Policy

Details supported Operating Systems.



Non-ICT Service Support

Some facilities are provided by other Services and support should be sought out accordingly:

Seminar Room Support (Tecnico Sale)

Provides support for events, seminars, audio- and video-conferencing (including Skype) and related equipment.

Support is provided via [email protected] email address, EUI Helpdesk portal or telephone (ext. 2600 or [+39] 055 4685 600).


Web Unit

Co-ordinates the EUI Web Working Group and is responsible for the main EUI corporate website, social media and all the EUI centralised web services.

Support is provided via Web Support.

Page last updated on 03 April 2018