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Audio/Visual Services

As of January 2023, the ICT Service is responsible for all Audio/Visual (A/V) related services. These include, amongst others:

Please note the organisation of an event, including the setup of the spaces, simultaneous translation as well as catering, remains in the remit of the Real Estate and Facilities Service.



Conference Rooms

All conference/meeting/seminar rooms are equipped *at least* with the following:

  • video projector and screen
  • laptop with DVD reader
  • microphone*
  • audio equipment

*Only in Sala Europa (VS), Cappella (VS), Theatre (BF), Refectory (BF), Sala del Capitolo (BF), Conference Room (VLF)

  • For a full outline of the equipment and services available free of charge, please refer to non-Chargeable Services
  • Additional services (as detailed further below) are available on request and at a cost: for details please refer to Chargeable Services

In order to guarantee the equipment to be turned on and be ready for an event, it must be reserved in the Events Booking Database application at least 4 days before the event.

Furthermore, requests for additional (chargeable) services, besides being booked through the Events Booking Database, need to be financially settled via Purchase Request Form accordingly.

To guarantee an efficient service, it is fundamental for booking deadlines to be respected: please refer to the EUI Events Organisation guidelines published by Real Estate and Facilities Service for further details!


Procurement of A/V equipment

A/V equipment for office use, such as webcam and speakers, are already integrated in the EUI laptops or desktop screens.
A standard headset with microphone, for teleconferencing purpose, is made available on request and for free to all staff of Administrative Units via Procurement Request Form (PRF).

Faculty and staff of Academic Units can purchase A/V equipment beyond the standard in accordance with the EUI Procurement Policy for IT Equipment (with non-ICT Service funds) by filing a Procurement Request Form (PRF).


A/V Recording and Web-streaming

Dedicated Audio and/or Video recording (not related to Teams or Zoom recording) implies the on-site presence of an AV technician per videocamera. The output of the service will be a digital file of the recording in HD format and on removable device (USB pendrive) or DVD/Blu-ray, without mixing and editing (other than logo and titles).

The web-streaming service is the live (real-time) broadcasting of events on various web platforms (FaceBook, YouTube, etc.) or Third-party streaming interfaces like Wirecast, Procaster, Adobe, etc. This service may be additonal to the previous one.

Both services are chargeable, should be introduced in the Events Booking Database in due time and settled via Procurement Request Form (PRF) accordingly thereafter.


Ad hoc Technical Assistance

Ad hoc on-site technical assistance can be provided at a cost, charged to the organiser (with a minimum of 4 hours). Due to its nature, the service can not be provided by the on-site support staff but by additional external techncians.

Requests need to be filed in due time via the Events Booking Database and financially settled via Procurement Request Form (PRF) accordingly thereafter.

The presence of a dedicated, specialised A/V technician is recommended in particular for events happening towards the end or outside of EUI working hours.



Support to the all above-mentioned A/V Services is currenlty provided by external company TecnoConference through a dedicated team of on-site A/V technicians (commonly referred to as "tecnico sale").

Please check the User Support menu for further details and means of contact.

For additional information about the services provided, relevant costs or further assistance, you may contact Mr. Luca Di Rocco via ext. 2232 (+39 055 4685 232).






Page last updated on 16 February 2023

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