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About the ICT Service

The mission of the  Information and Communication Technology Service (ICT Service) is to provide Information Technology (IT) resources for the work and activities of the EUI. It is committed to delivering quality customer service and technical solutions in the academic and administrative environment of the EUI community.


To achieve this the ICT Service:

  • provides IT services and support to ensure that all EUI users have access to information via a system which is reliable, fast, campus-wide and fully integrated with the external information world;
  • ensures that EUI staff and researchers are able to maximize their use of the available technology;
  • develops and implements a planning process to identify the IT resources required (hardware, software, staff, services) in accomplishing the goals of the EUI.


User Support

The local IT User Support offices are responsible for on-site user support, PC installation, and managing computing activities and facilities. A centralized 'client call' database, the EUI Helpdesk, helps us (as well as other Services) handle user requests promptly.


Technical Support

The ICT Service technical staff are responsible for the IT infrastructure of the EUI. This covers the installation and maintenance of central computing equipment, e.g. Linux and Windows servers and the general network. It sets up Standard Software configurations for EUI PCs, i.e. maintenance of software (operating system, office automation, specialized programmes), and testing new platforms and applications. The telephony system of the EUI also falls under the ICT Service's mandate.



The Director, David Scott, and his assistants oversee the day-to-day activities of the Service, including procurement and budget management.

For contact information see People and Contacts.



Page last updated on 03 December 2018