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EUI4U is in the process of establishing connections and partnerships with organisations and institutions in Florence, in order to help EUI members who are interested in becoming active participants in the Florentine community through various volunteer activities. Volunteering is a great way to immerse yourself in Florentine culture, develop skills, make friends, and help others.

Below, you can find information on organisations that offer volunteering opportunities in various areas. Contact details are provided for each organisation, but please feel free to get in touch with EUI4U if you wish to request additional information.

Likewise, please get in touch if you know of any organisations interested in recruiting new volunteers.



Animal shelters

Culture and environment

Human Rights

Food and clothes banks

Elderly assistance






Croce Rossa Italiana

Address: Lungarno Soderini, 11

Email: [email protected]


Interested members must participate in a basic brief training. This course allows volunteers to participate in many CRI activities focused on supporting the Florentine population in need—grocery shopping, medicine pick-up and delivery, among others. Members who are interested in additional activities (such as volunteering on ambulances) will require an additional training. 

CRI asks all members to participate in at least three shifts every two months. All languages welcome.


Associazione Tumori Toscana

Address: Via Varchi, 63

Email: [email protected] (Ms. Silvia Celli)  

Phone: 055-2466666


The ATT supports cancer patients in Tuscany in a number of ways. Volunteering includes visiting patients in their homes (temporarily suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions and regulations), administrative work for the association, or fundraising.

Italian is not a requirement unless one wishes to volunteer in the administration sector.
The Association requires a brief training for those who wish to volunteer with patients in their homes.




Indicando in dichiarazione il C.F.

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Misericordia di Firenze

Address: Various locations in Florence

Email: [email protected] (Mr. Niccolò Alpigiani)

Phone: 055-2393940

The Misercordia di Firenze is a historical association that helps the local population in many ways. There are five different locations in Florence, which oftentimes allows volunteers to choose the center that is closest to them. There are several activities in which volunteers can participate, such as:

  • Le Dodici Ceste: bringing food to local families in need 
  • Social and Health Services: accompanying the elder, the sick, and people with disabilities to their appointments, and back home

  • Help for the elderly: volunteers visit the elderly or people with disabilities in their homes and help bathe them and change them

Volunteers are asked to allocate 10 hours per month to volunteering activities. Training may be required, but only necessary to participate in emergency operations. Knowledge of the Italian language is preferred.


Croce Rossa Italiana, Campo Cinofili

Address: Viuzzo del Pantanino, 11

Email: [email protected] (Mr. Marco Trapani)

Phone: 0552744241—Call center open from 7:30am to 8:00pm, Monday-Sunday


Animal shelters and animal rescues.
Interested members must participate in a basic brief training. CRI also requires that all members present a doctor’s note of good health. Training for new volunteers takes place once per month, and is both theoretical and practical.

There are no language nor time requirements.


Ars et Fides

Address: Piazza San Giovanni, 3

Phone:  055-2763757, 055-2763765

Email: [email protected] (Dr. Mauro Lastrucci, Volunteer Coordinator)


The association, which is part of a larger European network, offers free tours in the Churches of Duomo, Santa Maria Novella, and Santa Croce. 
One shift per week (morning or afternoon) is required. Short-term volunteers (i.e. volunteers who will only remain a short time in Florence) receive a text in Italian or English about the church in which they will be giving the tour. Volunteers are asked to study the text, and when they are ready, they can start giving tours to tourists or interested visitors. Long-term volunteers receive a longer training with a guide.

No language requirements.


Associazione Via Maggio

Address: Via de’ Michelozzi, 2

Email: [email protected] (Dr. Olivia Turchi)


Associazione Via Maggio is involved in a number of activities around Florence, such as cleaning graffiti and other acts of vandalism from buildings. During the COVID-19 emergency the Association has also created the project “Te la do io una mano”, helping people in Florence who require different type of assistance. Many volunteers participate also in the administrative or social media realm of the association.

The association requires to volunteer at least 2-3 hours per week. Knowledge of the Italian language can be required, depending on the type of volunteering activity.


La Tinaia

Address: Via San Salvi, 12

Email: [email protected] (Ms. Mayka Cavarretta)


La Tinaia works with the public medical clinics located in the San Salvi area. It works closely with patients and helps them express themselves through art. The Association is open to volunteers and to the public for approximately two hours per day. Volunteers help in the Association archives, organizing each work of art in a paper and digital database. Volunteers might also be asked to assist with the organization and set-up or art exhibitions.

Volunteers are asked to set up a weekly 2-hour volunteering schedule (opening hours are limited). Basic knowledge of the Italian language is preferred.



Address: Piazza S. Giovanni, 3

Email: [email protected] (Dr. Giuseppe Passaseo)

Website: and

Caritas is part of the Catholic Church, and is comprised of various branches that aim at helping the local population: shelters, food banks, and other specific projects.

All volunteers are required to undergo an HACCP training for food handling and a security training. Depending on the type of volunteering activity, knowledge of the Italian language might be required.
The Association does not require a minimum amount of volunteering hours per week/month, but they ask that each volunteer respect their agreed-upon schedule.


St. James Church Food and Clothes Bank

Address: Via Rucellai, 13

Email: [email protected] (Mr. Sandro Sanavio)

Phone: 055-294417


St. James Episcopal Church organizes two types of activities to support the local community:

  • Thrift shop on the first Wednesday of each month - volunteers at the church sell clothing items that the local community donated
  • Food and clothes bank each Thursday - volunteers help distribute clothes and pre-packaged food to people in need

There are no formal requirements, although they are always in need of helping hands, especially during the food and clothes banks.


Page last updated on 21 September 2021

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