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Common Provisions

Smoking at the EUIno smoking

In accordance with the relevant Italian law, we remind all users that smoking is prohibited at all times in enclosed spaces within the buildings of the EUI Campus.

This provision covers all types of smoked products including tobacco and herbal cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, and other devices or substances which may be used for the purpose of smoking.


Use of Showers in the EUI Campusshowers

Although some of the EUI buildings are equipped with showers, being formerly private villas used as civilian homes, unfortunately the use of showers across the EUI campus (except for the Gym, the Calcetto pitch and the Bar Fiasco) cannot be allowed: these showers do not comply with the provisions of health and safety regulations as evidenced by the OIB manual (see below) which is the reference document for our buildings' standards.

As a result of this, in order to avoid potential risks to EUI members, existing showers still functioning inside EUI premises will all be disconnected (except for those indicated above). 

Manual of standard building specifications 

[vers. 12 Dec 2011 – OIB (Office for Infrastructure and Logistics Brussels – European Commission) Section B – Technical descriptions – Building System II.4 Plumbing Par. 3.15 p. 139-140]

Shower rooms

These must comply with the LOI/CODE/RGPT, the Belgian General Regulation on electrical installations, and current standards (in our case, the relevant Italian legislation).

The shower rooms are to comprise a changing area with a bench, coat stand and lockers which are locked using a key or a chain, one or more shower cubicles, and a toilet if there is no toilet block in the vicinity. The cubicles are to comprise a shower tray and individual changing area.

The individual changing area is to be equipped with a bench and a coat-rack, a washbasin with hot and cold mixer tap, mirror and shelf. It should also have a liquid soap dispenser, a paper-towel holder, an electric hair-dryer and an electric wall socket.

The door must be of a standard type with ventilation, lockable from the inside but unlockable from the outside by means of an emergency key or a coin (see Section B.I.5.4: locks).

The shower tray is to measure at least 80 x 80 cm with a U-bend accessible from the outside, a thermostatic tap with a recessed anti-theft T° lock, an adjustable wall-mounted economy shower head, a soap holder, a rail and shower curtain, and a synthetic grating.

The floor of the changing rooms and shower baths must be non-slip. The ceilings, building materials and furniture must be able to withstand a damp environment. The pipes and fittingsare not to be visible. A dual-diameter tap and a floor drain must be provided in the changing area.

All the floors and walls must be easy to clean and mould proof.


Electric deviceselectronics-43918_960_720

After an appraisal by the EUI Health,Safety and Security officer, we find it timely to remind EUI members that:

  • Electric space heaters are not allowed unless specifically authorized by the technical Unit of the Real Estate and Facilities Service (further details are available in the EUI Heating and cooling policy). For health and safety reasons, REFS staff are authorized to remove all types of electric heaters found in offices and/or common areas installed without prior authorization/verification
  • Microwaves and refrigerators can be found for use in designated areas around campus. Private microwaves, ovens and refrigerators should not be installed in offices or working spaces on campus.
  • Please be sure to have any small personal electric devices (tea kettles, coffee pots etc.) checked by the technical unit by opening a ticket on the EUI helpdesk to ensure that they meet EC safety standards and do not pose a risk of unintended power blackouts or fire.






Page last updated on 23 July 2021

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