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EUI Cards


EUI card for EUI members

The EUI card is a personal document issued after registration/recruitment at the EUI (for Researchers, Fellows, Administrative Staff, Trainees and Faculty alike).

The card is strictly personal and bears the owner’s photo, name and matriculation number. It allows access to the buildings of the EUI, provides Library, photocopying and print-out rights and is also a pre-paid credit card for the Institute’s canteens and cafeterias (EUI Researchers benefit of a 40% reduction on EUI meals prices).

If necessary it can also be used as an identification document (only within the EUI).

In order to make sure that their card is prepared for registration, incoming researchers will have to send a digital photo to the Academic Service well in advance.

If the card is lost, stolen or damaged, a new card can be reissued at the EUI Control room (Badia Fiesolana) during the following hours: Monday to Friday, 09.00-12.30 and 13.30-16.00. A fee of € 5.00 per card will apply to reissue the card.

Please note: if stolen, the card can be reissued free of charge providing a copy of the police statement.

For further information you can refer to the EUI Cards Issuance Policy Statement . 

EUI Partner Card



All partners of an EUI community member are entitled to ask for a partner card.


EUI partner cards are issued with different procedures by the EUI4U Welcome Office, according to the status of the EUI community member: please click on one of the buttons below to follow the relevant procedure for the request.


Partner Cards are valid until the end of the academic year (31 August) in which they are issued or until expiry of the EUI member's affiliation at the Institute if this is earlier.

Renewal of the card is by re-applying at the beginning of each academic year or contract renewal date on the same terms, but it is not necessary to re-send a photo.

The EUI-affiliated member must inform the relevant service (Academic or Human Resources) if the partner relationship has terminated, the partner then no longer being eligible for a partner card.

Access Rights

Partners will be granted the same building access rights as their EUI-affiliated partner.


A partner card allows entry to the Library without having to register at the entrance desk. Library access is valid until the end of the academic year or the expiry date of the EUI member’s affiliation with the Institute if earlier/later. Partners of EUI members are not entitled to loan rights.For conditions of Library access, please consult the Library Rules


When a partner card is issued, the ICT Service sets up a “partner computing account”.
A partner computing account guarantees access to the public terminal rooms and access to a directory on the EUI server from inside Institute buildings.
As per the terms of ICT policy, the owner of the account is responsible for all activities carried out under her/his login name and the password may not be given out to anyone else (see: Password Policy).
Only this account should be used by the partner.

For more information, please see the ICT Service Partner Accounts page.

Inside & Outisde the EUI

Partner cards are valid at all Institute canteens but there is no discount.

The partner card has no validity outside the EUI. The card does not entitle the partner to free entry into Italian State (or local municipal) museums or art galleries.

The card entitles the partner to benefit from the EUI4U special Agreements & Conventions for EUI members. 

Page last updated on 05 February 2024

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