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Parking at the EUI

The EUI has several free parking areas available all over the Campus, and their maintenance and administration falls within the remit of the Real Estate and Facilities Service.

Below you can find a list of on-campus parking facilities;

The REFS intends to provide safe, orderly, and fair parking for staff, faculty, researchers and visitors to our campus. We try to make parking on campus as smooth as possible, promoting safe movement of vehicles, providing for pedestrian safety, and assuring continuous access to buildings and walkways for pedestrians and service vehicles.



Eui Parking Rules & Regulations

Policy Statement

The parking rules and regulations at the EUI are in effect at all times, during academic breaks as well as during academic terms. These enforcement regulations apply to all persons who operate motor vehicles on EUI property. 

  • All motor vehicles, including motorcycles and mopeds, parked on EUI property by members and users must be registered with the Real Estate & Facilities Service (see below).
  • Cars may be left in the EUI car parks only while the owners are present at the Institute.
  • The EUI car parks are open during EUI opening hours only (but they are accessible with your EUI card 24h).
  • They are unguarded and the EUI assumes no liability for loss or damage to vehicles or their contents while parked on EUI property.
  • Parking at the EUI is allowed in designated parking areas only.
  • No vehicle shall park in any area/space designated as Restricted. Restricted areas have required signage.
  • Spaces marked as reserved for service vehicles may be used only by service vehicles authorized by the RE&FS (Service vehicles are defined as EUI-owned service vans or cars, vehicles with commercial permits, or vehicles whose drivers are performing a service for the EUI).
  • Long-term parking is not allowed unless specific authorization is granted by the Real Estate & Facilities Service, and in any case only in the Villa Salviati car park and for a maximum period of 90 consecutive days: please submit your request by filling in the following form and send it to REFS Parking Services
  • For security reasons the EUI needs to be able to identify any vehicle parked on EUI property, in order to contact the owner should the car need to be moved or removed.
  • Any vehicle operated or parked on EUI property must comply with the state registration requirements and display a current vehicle registration number and license plates.
  • The Real Estate & Facilities Service reserves the right to temporarily close any campus parking area or facility for University purposes. Advanced notice will be given in these cases when possible.
  • Please note that any vehicle left in EUI Car Parks without authorization will be towed away without prior notice.


Vehicle Registration

All EUI members intending to use the EUI car parks must fill in and submit the EUI Vehicle Registration Form as follows:

  1. access  the EUI parking registration portal;
  2. login with your EUI username and password;
  3. Click on New Vehicle;
  4. Fill in the Vehicle Registration form with the required information and finally submit your request (Save).

You can register as many cars as you need, just login and click on New Vehicle any time that you require.

By registering their vehicles EUI members give their authorization for their personal details to be included in the EUI electronic database; the data will be processed and treated in observance of existing laws on privacy and protection, namely Decision of the President n. 10 of 18 February 2019 regarding Data Protection at the EUI (EUI Data Protection Policy). For further info see also the Privacy Statement on the Management of the EUI Parking database.


Long term parking

As indicated in above mentioned regulations, long term parking (for cars, motorbikes and bicycles alike) is subject to specific authorization granted by the Real Estate & Facilities Service (both for 4 and 2-wheels vehicles).

To obtain it, please submit your request by filling in the car parking authorization form, the motorbike parking authorization form or the Bicycle parking authorization form and send it by email to the REFS Parking Services at least 3 working days prior to departure (7 for bikes); if approved, you will receive a confirmation email.

For long-term bicycle parking procedures please refer to the EUI Campus Bicycle Use Policy and Regulations.

Long-term parking for cars/motorbikes is in any case allowed only for EUI active members on mission or on leave for private or academic issues and is authorized for a maximum period of 90 consecutive days: upon expiration of the indicated period the EUI reserves the right to provide for the removal of the vehicle, to be deposited in a private and guarded area at the cost of the owner. Derogations, for emergency cases, must be approved by HSSO or delegated.

Due to the limited availability of the Villa Salviati parking lot, a basic requirement when asking for authorization is the absence of the car owner (or the person related to the car registration number in the database) from the EUI. Should there be evidence that during the period indicated in the form the applicant did not leave for mission or other private/academic reason, in the interest of the whole community, the EUI reserves the right to suspend the authorization by informing the applicant of the immediate necessity to remove the vehicle.

In accordance with the above, the  authorization (whose expiry date is indicated in the form) shall cease as from the moment when the vehicle is picked up from the car park (with or without taking back the keys left in the control room and also in case the vehicle is picked up with written authorization by a person other than the applicant).

Before parking your vehicle in the designated area (Villa Salviati car park) you are requested to leave the following items to the EUI Control Room operator (Badia Fiesolana):

  • Copy of the vehicle registration document (i.e. libretto di circolazione);
  • Copy of owner's ID card;
  • Copy of the vehicle keys (to be used in case of need);
  • Signed copy of the approved parking authorization form with attached confirmation email sent from REFS Parking Services;

The only designated area for long term parking all over the EUI Campus is the Villa Salviati Car park: long term parking is NOT allowed in other parking lots and/or in other EUI premises.



Long term parking at the EUI Flats

If you are a current resident of the EUI Flats (PAB and PDM), own a motorized vehicle, and you will be absent from your apartment for more than 3 days, please request a long-term parking permit.
To obtain it, please submit your request by filling in this form, and send it by email to the REFS Parking Services at least 3 working days prior to departure. If approved, you will receive a confirmation email.

Once you have obtained the authorization, please bring it to the Control Room in Badia Fiesolana, alongside:

  • a copy of the vehicle registration document
  • a copy of your identity document
  • a copy of the car keys

The parking area is unguarded and the EUI declines all responsibility for damage/theft that may occur to parked vehicles.



Bike stalls are available in all EUI premises, a specific bicycles and motorcycles parking area is also designated at the Badia Fiesolana in the P2 Car park (see detailed maps below):

Users are kindly invited to refer to the EUI Campus Bicycle Use Policy and Regulations for further details. 

Page last updated on 18 October 2023

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