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Access and Security

General Rules

Security measures are in place to access the EUI Campus, for detailed information please refer to the EUI Access Policy.

When entering or leaving a building within the Campus you are kindly requested to follow the instructions below : 

  • To enter or leave an EUI site swipe your EUI Card in the reader next to the door;
  • To prevent the alarm going off wait until you hear a 'beep' before opening the door and do not leave it open longer than necessary;
  • In an emergency use the panic button next to the door - this will set off the alarm and open the door;
  • If your EUI Card does not work or you need help use the video-phones next to the access point - a Control Room operator is on duty 24 hours a day.

Emergency Number:   [+39] 055 4685 999

See also: Safety and Security Policy


Connecting Road Badia/Villa Schifanoia

A specific policy concerning the connecting road between the Badia Fiesolana and Villa Schifanoia is operational as of 15th September 2013, further details can be found here.

EUI Closing information

To access the Campus during scheduled academic breaks you are kindly requested to refer to the specific instructions and procedures indicated for EUI closures (both short-term and/or long-term breaks). 

Off-hours access to EUI premises

Off hours access to EUI premises is granted only to authorized* EUI members using their EUI card and in any case under their own responsibility.

(*Access to some buildings might be limited to restricted group of Academic or Administrative Staff, please refer to your Department/Unit/Service coordinator) 

Off-hours access might differ from daytime; detailed maps with highlighted access points are available at the following links:






Page last updated on 02 February 2024

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