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Issuance and Use of EUI Identification Cards

Policy Statement

EUI cards are requested by the Academic Service, the Human Resources Service , the ICT Service, the Communications Service, the Library and the Real Estate and Facilities Service, and their issuance falls within the remit of the Real Estate and Facilities Service.

The present policy establishes guidelines for the issuance and use of European University Institute Identification cards (EUI ID CARDS) and provides clarification on who is eligible for an identification card:

  • EUI Academic Staff (Researchers, Fellows, Faculty, Research Assistants)  
  • Visiting Faculty and staff(1)
  • External Library Users
  • EUI Administrative Staff (incl. Stagiaires)
  • EUI Partners    
  • EUI Suppliers (2)
  • EUI Contractor employees(2)  ( i.e. individuals who are employees of a firm that has a formal contractual relationship with the EUI and has been assigned to work at the EUI for the duration of the contract)


(1) Minimum period 4 weeks. For a period less than 4 weeks the card is issued upon authorization of the REFs and only if requested by the affiliating Department by sending an e-mail to: [email protected]
(2) Contractor Employees and Suppliers may be issued a EUI ID card only with REFs written authorization


Please note:

Everyone intending to use EUI services or to access EUI premises must have an EUI ID card (except for daily guests or people taking part to conferences and similar events)

All EUI ID cards must be issued with a portrait photo, even if released for a short period of time.

All ID cards are the property of the European University Institute and are provided for appropriate use for identification and access to services.  The card is not transferable and is valid as long as the holder continues his/her specific affiliation with the EUI.  Any misuse, alteration, or fabrication of the card will subject the holder to disciplinary action by the EUI.

Lost, damaged, or stolen ID cards will be replaced at the EUI ID Card Office (Reception Desk Badia Fiesolana, office hours Monday to Friday 9.00-12.30 and 13.30-16.00) and a 5 € fee will be charged. 

(Please note: if stolen, the card can be reissued free of charge providing a copy of the police statement).

EUI ID cards will also be replaced because of malfunction, a change of name, or because of expiration at no charge, provided that the old card is returned.




Page last updated on 23 October 2020

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