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Central and Eastern European Data (WIIW)



WIIWThe WIIW portal provides economic data on central, eastern and southeastern Europe, and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) from 1990 to present. Data is collected and collated by the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies - Wiener Institut für Internationale Wirtschaftsvergleiche.

WIIW also provides access to full-text publications (top menu of the homepage); country profiles, monthly reports, research reports,  handbooks of statistics and country forecasts (also in Excel format).

Cross-country comparisons for 1990-2022 are available via the WIIW visual analytics tool called the CESEE Visual Data Explorer (CESEE VDE) providing step-by-step selections of indicators, time period and the type of chart.  

EUI members have access to all content via the EUI's premium WIIW subscription. Please ignore pricing information on the WIIW site.  For assistance, write to [email protected]


Time period
  • 1990 to 2022
  • Start-dates vary by country
  • Data is updated monthly.


Support links

When the WIIW Catalogue record opens, click on the connection and follow the links indicated below for data series, country coverage details and research areas.

  • Top menu > Data > Overview
  • Home > Country expertise > all countries
  • Home > Research areas.


How to access data

Access the WIIW Portal via this Catalogue record.

Access the Industrial database on Central/Eastern Europe via this Catalogue link (left Quick Links menu).

For access to full text reports, handbooks and forecasts, go to 'Publications' in the WIIW homepage top-menu.


Central/East European data via Datastream

EUI members can also use Datastream to integrate central and eastern European data with other international macroeconomic series.

For banking sector data, EUI members should access S&P Capital IQ Pro.

Please read, and abide by the terms and conditions of use for licensed data resources.

European statistical data directory (EUI Library).


Data homepage

Contact: Thomas Bourke at [email protected]


Page last updated on 08 September 2022

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