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Stata Cannot Install Package(s)


Stata Cannot succesfully complete installation of extra (downloadable) packages and returns an error message similar to "Cannot write in directory G:/Stata/ado/Plus\r".


Technical Explanation

Stata runs from a series of remote servers called Citrix. In order for users to always find available their personally downloaded packages, Stata on Citrix is configured as to save packages onto the user's own Personal (network) Storage Area (so-called G: Drive). This way, no matter which EUI desktop computer is used, one will always be able to access the same downloaded packages.


Platform / Software Affected

  • Stata on Citrix



In the root of your G: Drive, create a folder called "Stata" containing a sub-folder called "ADO":


Please Note: above folder names are case sensitive!

Citrix will now use this folder structure to install any downloaded packages.



Page last updated on 20 August 2017

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