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How to Copy from MultiFunction Printers

  • Step 1. Wave your EUI badge over the card reader installed on the right-hand side of the machine as illustrated in figures 1 and 2. Or, if you have forgotten your card, you can insert your “User ID” and “Password” manually.




  • Step 2. If you are logging in with the EUI badge, automatically you will be logged in when you wave your card; if you manually insert “User ID” and “Password”, tap Login as illustrated in figure 3.




  • Step 3. After login, you will see your job list as illustrated in figure 4.




  • Step 4. Tap the Launcher on the touchscreen as illustrated in figure 4.


  • Step 5. Tap Enable Copier on the screen of the MFP as illustrated in figure 5.




  • Step 6. The following screen appears with all the functions for copying:




    N.B. You can staple up to 50 sheets.


  • Step 7. Tap the Reset button on the touchscreen to reset the machine to the default settings: Auto paper select, Full size, Auto density, Black & White, etc.




  • Step 8. Once you have finished copying wave your EUI card near the card reader and you will be logged out automatically (figure 8).




  • Alternatively you can tap the Home button, then Menu and finally Logout (figure 9).  Remember to logout, otherwise the next user could use your print quota and your credentials.




Page last updated on 17 August 2017

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