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Frequently Asked Questions - Printing

You can log in using your EUI username and password (the same ones you use for your EUI email): type your credentials on the touchscreen (be sure to tap OK to confirm) and once done, tap Login.

Please refer to the Print Quota paragraph in the Printing Services Policy.

You need to send an email to [email protected] in order to notify them about the problem. To have the incorrect printouts credited back to your balance you have to send the bad/damaged copies by internal post, marked ‘for the attention of Ricoh Print Support,’

Please be aware that Print Support will not approve refund requests in situations where multiple jobs have been submitted and no prior effort has been made to check that the printer was functioning and/or output quality was adequate.

No, at the start of each academic year the Print Quota is reset to your initial, allotted free amount.

However, any additionally purchased amount will be carried over to the next academic year.

Because hardware, toner and maintenance costs are doubled when printing in duplex.
Indeed printing double-sided saves paper but is a very small proportion of the overall cost of printing. It is, however, very good for the environment and a greener EUI: this is why printers are set to automatically print in duplex!

The default settings for all MultiFunction Printers are:


  • B/W
  • Simplex
  • Page format and orientation: automatic


  • (Force) B/W [*]
  • Duplex
  • Pahe format and orientation: automatic

[*] = except when priniting via Email


  • 300 DPI (when scanning)
  • PDS Searchable file format
  • Simplex
  • Page format and orientation: automatic

Please contact PrintSupport describing your problem.

Any EUI member is allowed for colour printing (quota or cap may apply depending on status): just make sure to switch to colour printing in the printer settings prior to launch your print job.

Please Note: printing to Email will automatically print in colour!

There is no limit in terms of pages (as long as your quota is sufficient) but the limit is linked to the size of the file to be printed: maximum 200Mb.

However, in order not to overload and slow down the print server (which is a shared resource), documents larger than 100Mb should be sent to the EUI Print Shop for proper printing.

  • Use email printing when you are off-campus, when you do not care about printing settings and when myPrint does not show up as available printer in the app you want to print from
  • Use Ricoh myPrint when you want to define printing settings
  • Use RICOH Smart Device Print&Scan (iOS only) when you want to print to your dedicated MFP and/or local (office) multifunction printer

For further details, click here.

There are two options:

  1. divide the work into several, smaller parts
  2. ask your unit's coordinator to send the job to the Print Shop (the number of copies will be decreased from your print quota)

Print jobs stay in the print server queue for 24h after being sent. After this time, the jobs will automatically be erased and cannot be recovered.
You are not charged for erased jobs; only for those jobs that are printed out.

The Print Quota for all those categories of users enjoying a free, fixed amount of pages (Alumni, Fellows, Researchers, etc.) is renewed at the start of each academic year, usually during the first few days of September.

For all other categories of users (Academic and Administartive Staff, Research Associates, etc.) the quota (including colour cap, if any) is renewed upon request by the relevant sponsoring unit.

Use myPrint as detailed here.

This is either beacuse your status has changed (e.g. Alumnus renewing his/her membership) and/or your EUI card has been issued recently.

Simply follow this guide to associate your EUI card to your EUI account.

Yes, it's possible:

  • on the touchscreen, press the red button labelled "C"
  • you then you have three different options:

    1. to reset only the print job in progress
    2. to reset all the pending print jobs
    3. to continue printing

  • for searchable documents: select PDF (Searchable) as destination file format (default scanning option)
  • for editable documents: select WordRich Text Format (RTF)Excel according to your source document (text, sheet, etc.)

Scanning instructions are available here.

Please Note: keep in mind that under copyright laws you cannot photocopy, print and/or scan more than 15% of the pages in a book. For more details see Library Copyright Policies.

No, you cannot transfer your Print Quota to someone else.

You cannot print more than your available Print Quota and printers will not print a job at all until you have topped up your quota accordingly.

Ask the project assistant, departmental assistant, administrartive coordinator, etc. of your sponsoring unit to submit the online Print Quota Request Form.

The amount of your free Print Quota depends on your status:

  • Academic Staff: 360.00 Euro/academic year, then catered for by your academic unit
  • Administrative Staff: 360.00 Euro/academic year, then catered for by your administrative and/or academic unit
  • Alumni: 20.00 Euro/membership year
  • Fellows: 180.00 Euro/academic year (or 15.00 Euro per month for shorter stays)
  • Researchers: 180.00 Euro/academic year (or 15.00 Euro per month for shorter stays)
  • Retired Staff: 20.00 Euro/academic year
  • Trainees: 15.00 Euro/month (upon request from your sponsoring unit)
  • Visitors: 15.00 Euro/month (upon request from your sponsoring unit)

Other categories of users (Research Associates, Teaching Assistants, etc.) should ask their academic/sponsoring unit and/or supervisor to cover for a specific amount of Print Quota by submitting the online Print Quota Request Form.

You can check your balance on any MultiFunction Printer's display, once logged in, in the top right corner of the Follow-You pane, just under your login name.

Please note this section of the FAQ contains all frequently asked questions relevant to the printing services managed by the ICT Service.


For information concerning the Print Shop, please refer to Real Estate and Facilities Service homepage.



The purpose of the FAQ pages is to provide general guidance, additional clarification and examples. In case of doubt or differences of interpretation, the governing ICT Policies shall prevail.

Page last updated on 24 August 2017

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