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Administrative Software

 EUI's Administrative software is mostly "custom" (programmed internally at or under direction of the relevant EUI business owner) in order to best suit the needs of the Institute's Administration and Management.

Such software is NOT available by default on the base Staff Configuration but its installation has to be requested specifically by eligible users (e.g. Departmental Assistants, Financial Managers, etc.) and/or directly by the Administration (Budget, Finance and/or Human Resources) through the relevant data controller and/or delegated data controller [1].

Administrative software includes:

  • Dolphin
  • FIS-SAP (Report making functionality)
  • SAP

Please Note:
Absences, CPR, Events, IAM, INAZ, LBWeb, Reimbursements, SMART, TimeSheets are web-based applications thus do NOT need any local installation as they are accessed via a (web) shortcut.

However, access to these apps may still require prior authorisation by the relevant data controller/delegated data controller.







[1] = Some categories like Trainees or External Collaborators and/or Contractors have NO access to some or all of the above applications (as well as other not listed intranet services).



Page last updated on 20 May 2024

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