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Badia Fiesolana - Sala Giuseppe Buonsanti


Catering Set-up

  • Lunch & Dinner seated 80 people
  • Lunch & Dinner buffet 65 people

Conference Set-up

  • Around the table: 30 seats
  • Theatre style: 50 seats

Please note: conference use is available only upon request, by sending a mail message to Luca di Rocco at least 2 days in advance, provided that the room is booked half day before and after the event for set-up and dismantling. 




Sala Buonsanti 1
Sala Buonsanti 2
Sala Buonsanti 3
Sala Buonsanti 4


  • Electric projector screen
  • Sound diffusion
  • Internet connection
  • Laptop
  • Video Projector
  • WiFi




Buonsanti 5

Page last updated on 26 July 2022

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