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Diversity Committee


The Diversity Committee was created as part of the EUI’s commitment to nurture and promote an equal and inclusive environment, and in particular to take active steps to cultivate and sustain a community that properly reflects ethnic and racial diversity. The committee’s first task is to draft a Diversity Action Plan. 

Current members

  • Sule Alan - Professor, ECO Department 
  • Daphne Budasz  - Researchers’ representative, HEC Department
  • Donato di Bartolomeo - Support staff representative, RSC
  • Martijn Hesselink - Professor, LAW Department – co-chair
  • Sébastien Huber - Central Coordination Unit
  • Enise Seyda Kapusuz – Researchers’ representative, HEC Department
  • Ellen Immergut - Professor and Head of Department, SPS Department
  • Neha Jain - Professor, LAW Department – co-chair
  • Luisa Marin - Marie Curie Fellow, LAW Department (member on a temporary basis, until the results of the elections of the fellows’ representatives)
  • Zeineb Mazouz - Support staff representative, Academic Service

The President appointed the co-chairs of the committee. The other committee members were nominated through a transparent procedure by their representatives.


Anyone who wishes to engage with the Committee is welcome to send comments, questions, and feedback at [email protected].



Page last updated on 23 September 2021

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