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International Trade Centre data


Data description

ITCInternational Trade Centre data on global trade, foreign direct investment, market access and economic standards are collated by the ITC (Geneva) - a joint agency of UNCTAD and the WTO.

EUI members can create an account by following the instructions below at 'How to access data'. ITC databases are accessible under the ITC development research network license. ITC describes the four main online resources as follows:

  • Trade Map: monthly, quarterly and yearly international trade data combined with statistical indicators and information on trading companies and export and import markets
  • Market Access Map: a tool for analysing market access conditions worldwide, including applied and bound tariff rates, trade agreements (rules of origin and tariff preferences), export-import statistics and non-tariff measures
  • Investment Map providing sectoral breakdown of foreign direct investment (FDI), trade, market access and foreign affiliates information and investment attraction and targeting
  • Standards Map (Chrome browser recommended): tool for analysing and comparing voluntary standards promoting sustainable development applied to the production and trade of goods and services.


Time period

Start dates vary by country, with most series from 2000 to present.


Support links

Information about each of the four main ITC resources is at these links:


How to access data

Use an mail account to register at this ITC link. An email containing instructions on how to activate the account will be sent from the ITC. If not received, check the spam/clutter folders.

Click on the link in the ITC e-mail and complete the registration by creating a password. Login username is the patron's address.


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