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UNIDO Industrial Statistics Database


Data description

UNIDOThe UNIDO Industrial Statistics Database, maintained by the UN Industrial Development Organisation, provides harmonised industrial development statistics for 166 countries from 1963 to present.

UNIDO INDSTAT2 industrial data are presented at the 2-digit level of the International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC) of economic activities (manufacturing sector) comprising 23 industrial sectors.

UNIDO provides data for seven indicators: number of establishments; employment; wages and salaries; output; value added; gross fixed capital formation, and number of female employees.

  • INDSTAT 2 2022, ISIC Revision 3
  • INDSTAT 4 2023, ISIC Revision 3
  • INDSTAT 4 2023, ISIC Revision 4
  • IDSB 2022, ISIC Revision 3
  • IDSB 2022, ISIC Revision 4
  • MINSTAT 2023, ISIC Revision 3
  • MINSTAT 2023, ISIC Revision 4
  • National Accounts Database
  • CIP - Competitive Industrial Performance Index
  • Quarterly IIP
  • Monthly IIP.


Time period
  • 1963- 2023
  • Coverage varies by country and sector.


Support links
  • Details of data classification are on this UNIDO page
  • Related publications are on this UNIDO page.


How to access data
  • Access UNIDO data via this link
  • Select the data series required from the left column
  • When the UNIDO homepage opens, click 'SELECTION'
  • Select data by (i) countries (ii) variables (iii) period and (iv) ISIC industrial classification (optional: click 'View Data')
  • Click 'Download data'
  • A dialogue box appears, where users can select Excel or .csv or other download formats
  • Click 'OK' when ready.


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