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UNCTAD data on trade and development


Data description

UNCTAD The UNCTAD-Stat portal provides trade and investment data from the UN Conference on Trade and Development in nine categories:

  • International merchandise trade
  • International trade in services
  • Economic trends
  • Foreign direct investment (aggregates)
  • External financial resources
  • Population and labour force
  • Information economy
  • Commodities
  • Maritime transport

"UNCTAD compiles, validates and processes a wide range of data collected from national and international sources. Most of the time series cover long periods, with some dating back to 1948, for almost all economies of the world. This allows making an analysis of emerging and most urgent issues within a framework of long-lasting tendencies and wide geographical scope."


Time period
  • Data ranges from circa 1950 to present, varying by series and country
  • Country Profiles provide key economic statistics.


Support links
  • Data classification and terminology is explained on this UNCTAD-Stat page
  • An overview of UNCTAD statistics' gathering and collation is on this page
  • Publications using UNCTAD-Stat data are available on this page.


How to access data

Data can be downloaded via the UNCTAD-Stat portal in these formats:

  • Comma-delimited ASCII (*.csv)
  • Excel (*.xls)
  • 20/20 table (*.ivt)


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Page last updated on 09 February 2024

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