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Chargeable Equipment & Services

The costs of the following services will fall onto the event organiser's cost centre:

All the above, plus other services, are available exclusively upon specific request:

  • for relevant costs, see AV Paid Services (intranet access only: EUI credentials needed)
  • for information/quotations on all above-mentioned services please contact [email protected]
  • for further details and clarifications on the services offered, you may contact [email protected]



Ad Hoc Support

  • On-site qualified and dedicated AV technician for the duration of the event: provides on-site support for setup, takedown and techncial adjustments during the event
  • Minimum cost of 4 hours
  • Recommended in particular when (video)conferences are organised at the end or outside EUI working hours
  • A specialised technician can be hired as well, with the specific role of assistant director (change of camera, camera movement/angle, spotlight, etc.)
  • Request a quote via [email protected]


Audio and Video Recording

  • Professional Audio only or Audio and Video recording
  • Requires additional on-site specialised technician and equipment
  • Reserve the room at least 7 days before the event on Events
  • Request a quote via [email protected]


Dedicated Guest WiFi

  • Guest WiFi with dedicated name (SSID), accessible by scanning a QR Code
  • Inquire and request at least 14 days before the event
  • Request a quote via [email protected]


Simultaneous Translation  

  • Equipment only (e.g. translation booths): does NOT include translation service (interpreters)
  • Make sure to contact and liaise with Real Estate and Facilities to request translation services
  • Request a quote (translation booths only) via [email protected]


Web Streaming

  • Broadcasting of an event onto the EUI webpages and other social media
  • Contact and liaise with the Web Unit to inform that a streaming event is being organised on the EUI web site
  • Contact and liaise with the Communications Service to inform that a streaming is being organised on (EUI) social media
  • Reserve the web streaming at least 14 days before the event on Events
  • Request a quote via [email protected]



Page last updated on 17 May 2024

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