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Definitions, Glossary & Reading Key

Definitions & Glossary

The below definitions reflect the interpretation as laid out by the ICT Service, which may be more restrictive in respect to those provided by he EUI:

  • AEL Participants = participants to the AEL (Academy of European Law) Summer Schools

  • Guests (to the EUI) = users who do not hold an EUI computing account (but eligible for a WiFi Guest account)

  • iOS = Apple iPad or iPhone's operating system

  • macOS = Apple iMac and MacBook's operating system (formerly known as OS X)

  • Members (of the EUI) = users with a ongoing EUI affiliation determined by a contract, such as Academic Staff (full-time and part-time Professors) Administrative staff, Fellows, Researchers and Research Associates

  • MS = Microsoft

  • OS X = Apple iMac and MacBook's operating system (now known as macOS)

  • Visitors (to the EUI) = users who have been officially invited to the EUI, holders of an EUI computing account but without contract (i.e self-funded), such as Visiting Fellows, Visiting Professors and Visiting Researchers



Reading Key

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