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Green EUI ICT Initiative

In the framework of the Green EUI initiative, the ICT Service is constantly looking at ways to reduce energy consumption and to minimise the impact of IT on the environment.

At the current time, the following initiatives are in place:

  • 15 minute timeouts on all EUI desktop computer screens (to turn off monitors when inactive)
  • 15 minute timeouts on all public and office printers (to force sleep mode when inactive)
  • 90' tiltable monitors (to foster on-screen reading and save on paper printing)
  • Donation of obsloete IT equipment to foster re-utilisation and/or ethical disposal for proper recycling
  • Duplex printing (printing on both sides) set as default on all EUI desktop computers (to save paper)
  • Intelligent centralised EUI desktop computer managment (allows computers to be managed even while being turned off) [1]
  • Introduction of a printing quota expressed in Euro (to raise awareness on the cost of printing)
  • Purchase of low power consumption computers
  • Provisioning of low power consumption multi-function printers
  • Use of cloud services to host some IT systems off-site (lower power cost due to greener facilities)
  • Use of solid state disk drives (SSD) on all new EUI computers (both desktops and laptops)
  • Teleconferencing tools installed on all EUI computers (to avoid commuting)
  • Virtualised servers (to reduce power consumptions significantly)





[1] = in these regards, for a significant power saving, the ICT Service recommends to turn off the computer at the end of the working day, including in public areas.

Page last updated on 13 February 2020

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