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Declaration About the Processing of Data Collected via ICT Service Surveys

Surveys are conducted using a dedicated web platform called Qualtrics, which provides detailed explanation on its Security and Privacy.

Each reply will be assigned a random processing number and no technical identification data (nor any IP address from your PC) will be collected. 

The ICT Service of the European University Institute who is in charge of the survey has exercised due diligence when designing the survey so as not to render the respondents identifiable through a unique combination of elements. Those questions potentially rendering respondents identifiable have in any case been made non-compulsory and can easily be skipped in order to retain total anonymity.  

The Director of the ICT Service in his capacity as ICT Data Controller guarantees that the results will be used and published in an aggregated form that will not allow the identification of individuals within a response category.

Replies are recorded in a secured and protected database hosted by the above-mentioned company Qualtrics, who abide by the Safe Harbour Agreement conducting business in compliance with the EU privacy laws. Operations relating to the survey abide by the EUI's technical and organisational security measures in compliance with Article 10 (Confidentiality & Security) of the EUI President's Decision No. 40 of 27 August 2013 (EUI Data Protection Policy).

The survey software uses session "cookies" in order to ensure communication between the client and the server. Therefore, your browser must be configured to accept "cookies". However, it does not collect personal or confidential information of any kind, nor any IP address from your PC.


Page last updated on 20 August 2017

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