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Standard ICT Equipment for Administrative Staff

This document details the standard hardware and software equipment normally made available to Administrative Staff and what items can be provisioned beyond it.

Administrative Units should notify the ICT Service in due time (at least one month ahead) of any arrival of new personnel in need of standard or specific ICT equipment!

Standard equipment such as Windows-based office desktop computer is normally available in storage.

However, portable or non-standard equipment or software needs first to be procured by the EUI, with delivery times between 3 to 5 weeks.





  • Administrative Staff are supplied at no cost with a standard hardware configuration: a Windows-based desktop PC with a 21" flat screen. This is normally renewed every 4 to 6 years;
  • Mac-based hardware with equivalent (21" iMac) or higher specs is made available only for justified work-related needs (graphic design, desktop publication, etc.);
  • Portable equipment such as laptop, mobile phone or tablet is NOT part of the standard equipment. It is the duty of the Unit to specifically request such equipment if deemed necessary for carrying out the member's duties.

  • Any portable equipment provided to eligible staff will be made available from a set of standard hardware. For Mac-based laptop, same as for Mac-based office equipment applies.
  • Non-standard portable equipment or other computing platforms (servers, etc.) may be provisioned if they serve specific and justified work-related needs only;
  • Additonal portable equipment has to be requested by the Unit Director and/or on behalf by the Unit Coordinator by filing, signing and sending back to the ICT Service Procurement Office (in original copy) the Portable Equipment Request Form, duly signed by both Unit Director (or Coordinator on behalf) and the designated staff member;
  • Peripherals and accessories (e.g. external hard disk, USB pendrives, etc. other than portable equipment) have to be requested by the Unit Director and/or on behalf by the Unit Coordinator via online Purchase Request Form;
  • The EUI has invested in a shared, networked printing service to facilitate maintenance and support. Every Unit has at least one public network printer available to its users. A few shared, office printers are available in strategic offices where network printers are not readily accessible (see Printing Services for details). Provisioning of office printers is therefore not foreseen;
  • Administrative Staff may avail of EUI's Mobile Services. Same policy as portable equipment (see above) applies. For more details on the services provided, see Mobile Services.





Page last updated on 26 October 2020