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Guide to Using PortableApps


Although you are not permitted to install software on EUI PCs (as per Standardisation Policy) you may use applications that run solely from removable media such as Portable Apps and U3 applications. These applications are designed specifically so that they are not installed on a machine and can be taken anywhere and used on any PC, for example by installing them on a pendrive.

Below is an example of using FireFox via Portable Apps:

  1. Visit the Portable Apps site, select Applications, choose the application you wish to use (in this example, FireFox) and click Download. When prompted you should select Save and navigate to your pendrive:



    Figure 1: Saving installation file


  2. Access your pen drive and double click on the downloaded file. When selecting the Installation Location ensure that the Destination Folder you choose is your pendrive (typically D:, E: or F: on EUI computers):



    Figure 2: Application installation


  3. Click Install. Once the installation is complete click Finish.
  4. On your pendrive you will see a folder containing the application. Navigate to the application (which will have a .exe file extension). Double click to launch the application. You will need to do this each time you wish to use the application:




     Figure 3: Starting the application

Page last updated on 17 August 2017

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