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Accessing Personal (G:), Web (W:), Common (H:) and Shared (H:, T: etc.) Areas on GNU/Linux (Ubuntu)

This document describes all steps involved in order to access Personal (G: drive on EUI desktop PCs), Common (H: drive), Web (W: drive) or any other Departmental/Service Shared Area (S:, etc. drives) from your own laptop.

The below procedure has been tested on Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) with Network Manager 0.8.1 . screenshots are taken form Ubuntu 10.10 thus may slightly differe form other versions and distros:


Connecting to Your Personal Area (G:)

1) To map your personal area (G: drive), click on Places in the main panel, and choose Connect to Server.




2) In the window that will pop up insert the following credentials:

Service type: Windows share

Server: servername (insert the server name depending on your department; in the example below we have used RESSRV1)

Folder: username$ (your EUI username with the $ symbol at the end)

User Name: username [1]

Domain Name: iuedom

Bookmark name: G: Drive




3) A new Window will pop up asking you to type your password. Choose the option that you prefer among the three that the system offers you (I suggest “Remember password until you logout”) and click on Connect.




4) After this step, you should be connected to your personal area. An icon with the name of the folder should appear on your desktop and on the left side of the File Manager window. If you have chosen to bookmark the folder, its name will permanently appear in the Places menu of the system. Every time you start a new session, you will just have to click on it, and type the password when asked.




Connecting to Your Web Area (W:)

Follow steps 1) to 4) with the following changes:

  • Server: cygnus
  • Folder: web/username
  • Username: username
  • Bookmark Name: W: Drive 

Connecting to Common Areas (H:, T: etc.)

Follow steps 1 to 4 with the following changes:

  • Server: servername (see server list)
  • Folder: common
  • Username: username
  • Bookmark Name: H: Drive

Connecting to Shared Areas (S:, etc.)

Follow steps 1 to 4 with the following changes:

  • Server: servername (see server list)
  • Folder: common
  • Username: username
  • Bookmark Name: S: Drive, etc.





[1] = try the format iuedom\username if connection fails.



Documentation provided by Mattia Guidi, SPS Researcher.



Page last updated on 08 March 2022

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