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EUI Standard Mobile Devices

The information on this section of the website is currently being updated.

The EUI strives to provide employees with the right technology tools they need to do their jobs, to treat staff members in similar roles equitably, and to use its resources wisely.

The Institute recognizes that mobile phones are omnipresent and that many users want a single device that supports both their work and personal lives.

This document lists the current, fully supported, standard mobile devices (phones and modems) provided by the EUI.

Please Note: for provisioning or eligibility, please check Mobile Services policy.



Mobile Phone

The current EUI service mobile phones are (click on the model name for further details):

  • For Academic and Administrative Staff Members: iPhone SE 2022 128GB;
  • For Special Categories: Low-end model for calls and Wi-Fi only.

Please Note: academic staff members may wish to change the above model according to Provisioning Policy.

Page last updated on 17 October 2023

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