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Beach Volley and Volleyball


Beach volley; Regularly based on self-initiative at the Florentia Sporting Club

Indoor volleyball: one training per weekin Fiesole; one game per week in Florence



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  • Lorenzo Cicchi 
  • Rossella Corridori 
  • Giorgio Giamberini 
  • Ilze Plavgo
  • Sarah Simonsen 

Welcome to the EUI Beach Volley Club

The EUI Beach Volley and Volleyball Club “The Herons” has been created to bring together people who play beach volley and/or indoor volleyball. Everybody from the EUI community and friends who wish to participate is welcome to join.



Beach Volley: regular games played outdoor in mixed teams of 2x2, 3x3, and 4x4. Dates & times are managed based on self-initiative. To facilitate forming teams and booking courts, we use the "EUI Beach Volley" Facebook group ( and a Whatsapp group. Send us an email if you wish to be added.

Indoor Volleyball: Contact the club for details on current academic year.


Beach Volley: The Florentia Sporting Club, Vicolo del Cionfo 6 ( a 15 minute walk from the EUI). Florentia has two outdoor beach-volley courts with sand ( which can be used upon prior booking. Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 9:00 – 23:30; Sunday 9:00 – 19:00. Tel. of the Florentia reception to book: 055577320. Please note that it is possible to book only within the same week, so if you wish to play Monday night, you can book only starting from the same Monday morning! Also, during “high season” the pitch is quite popular, so make sure to always call as soon as possible.

Note: duing the winter months (November -February), there is a possibility to play in an indoor beach volley court- ASD Beach Games in Isolotto area. It is quite fqr from the EUI, so self initiative & carpooling is needed.

Indoor Volleyball: Polisportiva Fiesole, via del Pelagaccio, 5 Fiesole. Note: changes may apply. Contact the club for details on current academic year.


Beach Volley: The EUI card is needed upon payment to get membership discounts, and the overall cost of the court depends on the number of players and the time chosen to play. Before the sunset no lights are needed so it is cheaper; the first hour with lights on change during the beach volley season. The cost of the court for EUI affiliates per hour is the following:

Beach volley court booking without lights: 20€

per hour (to be divided by number of players); 
Beach volley court booking with lights: 24€ per hour (to be divided by number of players).

Indoor volleyball: Court booking 4€ per person per training.



Beach Volley: “The Herons” compete in beach volley tournaments outside the EUI over the summer months, mainly but not limited to the beaches in Italy.

Indoor Volleyball: The team participates in AICS tournaments which are competitive games with other mixed volleyball teams in Florence. During the tournament season, the indoor volleyball team usually has one training (Wed 19:00-20:30) and one game per week.

Coppa Airone

The glorious Beach Volley Cup “Coppa Airone” organized for the EUI community and friends takes place once or twice per year for two full days at the Florentia Sporting Club.



























Page last updated on 23 September 2021

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