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Gardening Club

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We have a mailing list to organize our gardening appointments and collectively manage the orto. Please contact us if you want to be included in it. Any suggestions or comments are welcomed. Hope to see many of you there!!!


The orto sociale is a collective activity that provides researchers, workers, partners, and friends at the EUI the opportunity to grow good, fresh, and healthy vegetables; as well as to relax, enjoy the sunshine, and to participate in a common project, with the final satisfaction of being able to eat our own produce. Taking advantage of the vast expanses of land around the EUI, the orto sociale allows us to engage in a manual activity, in addition to learning from each other about gardening, and sustainable food production in general. Hence apart from collectively managing and maintaining the garden, the aim is to organize discussions and informal session on food sovereignty, local production, and sustainable production, in connection with other local groups in Florence and the surrounding area.


The orto functions on the basis that whoever participates in the collective planting and the maintenance of the garden will naturally take home a share of their produce. Work and task assignments are decided collectively and on a voluntary basis.

We apply permaculture principles, practice 'no-dig gardening' and make our own compost with the garden waste from the EUI grounds and food scraps from the mensa. 


Whoever is interested, those with and without gardening experience are welcome to come along and lend a hand.






The orto is located next to villa Paola (close to the cark park 3). We grow mostly annual vegetables but have also planted perennial plants (including many different herbs, goji berry, raspberries). 


We meet once or twice a month and garden collectively, so no experience is required!

Page last updated on 25 February 2023

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