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Women in Research and Policy-Making (WiRP)

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The WiRP is a platform for women at the EUI to network, support each other and collaborate.


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Depending on calendar

Welcome to Women in Research and Policymaking (WiRP)!

Who are we?

The ‘Women in Research and Policy-making’ – short WiRP - is a researcher-led initiative at the European University Institute (EUI). The initiative aims to connect female doctoral and master’s-level researchers with other female faculty, and alumni engaged in public service, as well as working within political and corporate spheres. We strive to bring together female scholars in an informal setting to meet, connect, network and potentially collaborate.

By creating a space for exchange and dialogue at the EUI, it aims to enable early-to-mid-career researchers to learn from each other – as well as from distinguished women academics, policy-makers, civil servants and private sector leaders. Ultimately, this initiative wants to contribute to empowering and supporting women to pursue leadership positions in academia and elsewhere.


Regular Meetings

What do we do?

Firstly, we want to connect female researchers with each other. Political Scientists, Historians, Economists, Lawyers – all are welcome! We organise lunches for EUI researchers to informally meet and discuss beyond disciplinary boundaries. Stay tuned for meet-ups to come.

Topics that could be informally explored are:

  • What challenges do women face when trying to publish or applying for grants?
  • How can women increase their networks and opportunities for collaborations?
  • How to avoid the gender pay-gap?
  • What are particular challenges with regard to presenting work?

Secondly, distinguished speakers will be invited to give talks in an informal brown-bag lunch seminar format on various topics. Here the focus can be much wider, including sharing insights from their research or discussing career paths. If you are an alumni of the EUI (or if you are not!) and interested in imparting wisdom, feel free to get in touch.



Everyone is welcome! The WiRP is open to the whole EUI community and aims to foster an open and inclusive space. 



Subscribe to our mailing list [email protected] to be updated on events and informal lunches. Or follow us on Twitter.

Page last updated on 19 March 2024

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