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Fiasco Social Club

Fiasco Social Club

Fiasco Social Club is the place to escape the spectre of deadlines, embrace procrastination, and philosophise the ultimate questions about life, the universe, and everything. It’s the EUI’s Common Room in the depths of the Badia Fiesolana, where you can hang out, share a drink with friends, and enjoy a game of pool, table football, or darts, in a cosy place to relax and socialise after work. Fiasco also hosts extracurricular activities such as the Thoughts for Europe discussion group, regular jam sessions, football screenings and much more, as well as the occasional party.


Fiasco Social Club is open every weeknight from 18:30 till late for all members of the Institute and runs on a purely voluntary and non-profit basis. Every EUI member, be it researcher, faculty, or staff, can join the team and contribute to the functioning of the Club by volunteering to keep the common room open on a chosen weekday, or by organising events.


Although Fiasco is intended specifically as a social space for EUI members, non-EUI guests can visit on occasion, provided they are explicitly invited by a member of the Institute. If you want to bring a friend, please send their name in an email to the Fiasco management and have them check in at the Control Room by the main entrance when they arrive, where they will sign a consent form agreeing with the EUI’s rules and regulations and assuming responsibility for their actions while on the premises of the Institute.

In order to raise awareness about the applying rules and guidelines at the Fiasco Social Club, an online form has been prepared to be filled in by all Fiasco Social Club users:



How to find us

You can find us in the ‘catacombs’ of the Badia Fiesolana, where thick walls separate us from the intellectual bustle of the EUI. If you enter the Badia via the main entrance, go to the room with the pigeon holes on your left, then follow the stairs down on your right.





FIASCO SC Managers:

  • Emma SCHWAK
  • Luca TENREIRA 

FIASCO SC Auditor:

  • Martin ALBERDI


Page last updated on 19 December 2023

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