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Board games society


We are an EUI 4B club focused on tabletop board games. There is an EUI-owned collection of board games, cards, chess and other gaming stuff we are in charge of it. To take care that they do not just lay in the locker, we organize evenings playing a game from the collection. We learn and explain the rules. The games usually take place on weekday evenings at the Badia (Fiasco Social Club or the cafeteria, depending on the game and ‘Fiasco circumstances’). It is also possible to borrow a game for your own plays if you would like to. But life is not only about board games—we can assist you in organizing other gaming activities like setting up an RPG group, going to an escape room or arranging a card game night

Date and time

Gaming sessions every second Thursday from 6 pm.



Bar Fiasco in Badia Fiesolana, Fiesole

Page last updated on 16 May 2024

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