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In preparation for the long-distance running events (full marathon, half marathon), we organise several training runs per week. We offer some long training runs (usually a half marathon), while also convening some short runs (5-10 km) as well as interval and core stability training. Everybody is welcome to join the training sessions, even if you do not want to participate in running events. Keep an eye on the Facebook group ‘EUI Running Team’ and try it out! 



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The general purpose of the EUI running team is to prepare participants to run a Marathon – be it the annual edition of Florence Marathon (on the last Sunday in November) and Half-marathon in mid-April or another competitive Marathon world-wide (in previous years the EUI Running team participated in both the Berlin Marathon and the Athens Classical Marathon and the Artic Marathon on Spitzbergen). The club, however, also aims at introducing people to a healthy and challenging sport activity and training them for other less competitive races in spring and fall.

Events in 2018

Past Events 


18 February 2018 - Verona, Verona Half Marathon (21km)

25 March 2018 - Grosseto, Grosseto-Castiglione (23km)

15 April 2018 - Firenze, Firenze Half Marathon (21km)

1st May 2018, Firenze, Scarpinata sulle colline settignanesi (6,5km or 12,3km)

6 May 2018, Firenze, Guarda Firenze (10km) 

6 May 2018, San Polo in Chianti, Scarpinata tra i Giaggioli (18k D+600m)

13 May 2018, Firenze, Deejay Ten Firenze (5k or 10km)

27 May 2018, Fiesole, 100km del Passatore (32km D+450m, or 100km D+1500m)

3 June 2018, Greve in Chianti, Chianti Classico Marathon (10km D+250m, 21km D+560m or 43km D+1200m)

16 June 2018, Firenze, Notturna di San Giovanni (10km)


Upcoming events


30 September 2018, Firenze, Corri La Vita (5km or 10km)

21 October 2018, Castelnuovo Berardenga, Ecomaratona del Chianti (13km D+300m, 21km D+450m or 42Km D+950m)

28 October 2018, Arezzo, Maratonina di Arezzo (21km)

25 November 2018, Firenze, Firenze Marathon (42km)



Medical certificate

For competitive runs in Italy, you will need an agonistic certificate issued by a sports physician. In Florence, you can contact Blue Clinic 055 698338, but for foreigners they may accept certificates from your local GP, so ask them for an agonistic certificate while you are still at home.

Costs and reibursement of expenses by the EUI (4B)

There is no membership fee and researchers and fellows (except for Fernand-Braudel fellows) are generally eligible to reimbursement of 50 % of their running-related expenses (e.g. registration fee for running events and (agonistic) medical certificate from the the EUI 4B budget. For more information, please contact us.

Page last updated on 18 September 2019

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