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Key copies

In light of the reorganization of security services within the REFS, as of September 2019 a new procedure has been introduced to request copies of office keys via the Helpdesk portal.

Users are kindly requested to access the Helpdesk Customer Portal and select, from the REFS drop-down menu, the KEYS REQUEST option (see below):

keys request2

A dedicated ticket template will open-up, with all information needed to submit the request:

  • DESCRIPTION: Subject of the request 
  • REQUEST DETAILS: please indicate the office alphanumeric code available on the door (e.g. BF147, VS064....)
  • REASON FOR REQUEST: please specifiy the reason for the request by selecting one of the possible options (Not enough copies, theft, new lock, loss...)
  • NUMBER OF KEYS: please indicate the number of copies to be requested
  • KEYS ASSIGNEES: please specify the name(s) of key recipients.

By then clicking on the SAVE button the request will automatically be submitted to the authorization of the Health, Safety and Security Officer, who reserves the right to approve or deny it depending on the nature of the request itself.

If approved, the copies will be prepared by the maintenance staff and made available in the control room (the requestor will be notified accordingly). 

Page last updated on 18 March 2020

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