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Using EUI WebMail

Newcomers for the 2010/2011 academic year: see Using EUI E-Mail - For New Researchers and Fellows Starting Sept. 2010


Most of you are familiar with the Web mail services provided by companies as HotMail. The EUI also offers a similar service, called EUI WebMail or Outlook Web Access (OWA).

Using the EUI WebMail service, access to your mail is immediate, anywhere you can get to a PC connected to the Internet. Stop in an Internet café, check your mail from your hotel room or at the airport, wherever you find a networked PC available or where you can get your own portable connected via modem.

There are things you can't do using WebMail that are possible with PC e-mail client programmes (Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.), like downloading mail to a PC and then working with it off-line. E-mail clients are also usually richer in extra features (i.e., the "bells and whistles"). Consider the two methods as providing you with a much greater range of options when taken together rather than seeing them as necessarily competing solutions.


Getting access to EUI WebMail

When working within the Institute, it is recommended that you launch the OWA from Internet Explorer [1] in order to enjoy full functionality of the program's features.

1. The "homepage" for EUI WebMail is:
Look carefully: the first part is https://, not simply the usual http://. The "s" indicates a secure connection—something technical but involving lots of additional guarantees against eventual, unwanted intruders. Or, just click on the link at the bottom of the left menu here on the Computing Service Web pages.

2. Here's what you'll see when you get there:


3. If you are dialling in via modem or otherwise using a particularly slow connection, you may wish to take advantage of the "lightweight" Basic interface, which offers fewer features [2] but is quicker in loading pages. In that case, click the appropriate radio button for the option, instead of the default Premium.

Note that browsers other than Internet Explorer, such as Mozilla Firefox, offer only the "Basic" client and you ar/e given no other option.

4. In the Domain\user name box, enter your login name, preceded by "iuedom\". In the Password box, type in your network password. When the password is typed, it will echo as a series of asterisks. Then click Log On to submit your authentication information. The EUI WebMail interface will start.


[1] See also in this connection the page About OWA timeouts.

[2] Some of the features missing from the lightweight interface include:

  • advanced view options, such as the preview pane;
  • new mail notification;
  • spell-checking;
  • ability to mark messages as read/unread;
  • creation and management of server-based rules;
  • search
  • calendar reminders.

Page last updated on 17 August 2017

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