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Public PCs & Internet Points

Type of Resource

  • Research PC = Computer Room PC with research software suite, USB support, etc. (as per hardware and software specifications), EUI users ONLY (EUI account needed)
  • EUI Visitor PC = Office PC with basic software suite, USB support, etc. (as per hardware and software specifications), official EUI visitors ONLY (EUI Short-term Visitor account needed - provided by departmental coordinators)
  • Totem = A terminal for Internet browsing, available to anyone (no login needed)
  • Jack PC = A terminal for Internet browsing and printing, available to anyone (no login needed, print quota needed for printing)
  • Network Sockets = Sockets for use with personal laptops, network cables NOT provided (can be obtained at the EUI Shop)

Please Note: areas where wireless networking is implemented are covered here.


Badia Area (Library, MWP & SPS)


  • 3 x Totems, Top Floor - Internet only
  • 6 x Jack PCs, Entrance Floor - Internet + printing
  • 10 x Research PCs, Ground Floor
  • 11 x Research PCs, Entrance Floor
  • 9 x Research PCs, Top Floor 
  • 48 x Network Socket, booths and back area, Top Floor
  • 22 x Network Socket, main and upper area, Top Floor
  • 26 x Network Socket, Entrance Floor
  • 22 x Network Socket, Ground Floor
  • 29 x Network Socket, Vasco da Gama, Ground Floor    

Upper Cloister

  • 12 x Research PCs
  • 12 x Network Sockets

Villa Sanfelice, SPS

  • 5 x Research PCs, Reception Area (SPS Lounge)

other Locations

  •  1 x EUI Visitor PC in Theatre

Villa La Fonte (ECO)

  • 57 x Research PCs, Computer Rooms in Orangerie, Basement, Second Floor and Third Floor
  • Several network sockets available in the above rooms

Villa Salviati (HAEU, HEC, LAW) 

  • 1 x Research PCs, HAEU Reading Room, Manica Ground Floor
  • 17 x Research PCs, Castello Upper Cloister

Villa Schifanoia (HEC & LAW)

Villa Schifanoia

  • 21 x Network Sockets, Sala Nyobe


  • 12 x Network Sockets


Page last updated on 09 February 2021

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