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EUI Cluster Usage Policy

Access Rights

Access to the EUI Cluster is granted to all members of the EUI with a valid Computing Account except for Alumni and Partners.


Server Maintenance

The EUI Cluster requires regular (planned) and extraordinary (unplanned) maintenance to ensure all nodes are functionally up to date, protected from known vulnerabilities and that research software is installed with the latest versions available.

It is absolutely essential to regularly apply security patches and other critical updates to server operating systems, software programs and hardware, as soon as they are released to the public by the proprietary firm (e.g. Microsoft).

The installation of these updates requires the rebooting of the servers concerned, which then interrupts users' work and running tasks. Consequently, having recognized the importance of these operations, and in accordabce with the Server Shutdown Policy, any/all of the EUI cluster nodes can, when necessary, be stopped and restarted by ICT technicians.

Given the complexity of the EUI Cluster structure, the interruption may last up to 2 hours per node.

For planned maintenance, a warning is displayed on each affected node at login a few days ahead of the update event, inviting users to use other, unaffected nodes instead.


The shutdown will terminate ALL users' running tasks, therefore it is one's responsibility to stop and/or save any running tasks before the shutdown. Failing to do so will lead to loss of data without any possibility of retrieval.

The EUI will take no responsibility for any loss of data caused by the application of this Policy.


User Responsibilities and Consequences of Misuse

Conditions laid out in the general Accepatable Policy Use (AUP) apply.



Page last updated on 10 February 2021

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