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Server Shutdown Policy

In order to keep central computing systems up to date and protected from known vulnerabilities, it is necessary to apply security patches and other critical updates to server operating systems, software programs and hardware in a timely fashion, as soon as they are released to the public by the proprietary firm (e.g. Apple, Microsoft, etc.).

However, the installation of these updates requires the rebooting of the server concerned and hence an interruption to users' work. Circulating advance notification of such interruptions would mean delaying the application of critical patches for a number of days, thus putting system security at risk.

Consequently, having recognized the importance of these operations, the Research ICT Committee (RICT) has agreed that from 7:00 to 8:00, seven days a week, any and all of the central servers can be stopped and restarted by ICT technicians.

Normally, the interruption should last around 10-15 minutes per server.

Page last updated on 24 October 2018

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