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Accessing Personal (G:), Web (W:), Common (H:) and Shared (H:, T: etc.) Areas on Mac OS X

This document describes all steps involved in order to access your Personal (G:), Web (W:) Common (H:) and Shared (S: etc.) Areas on your Mac.

The below procedure has been tested on Mac OS X Leopard (10.5.x), Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.x) and Mac OS X Lion (10.7.x). Screenshots are tkane from Leopard thus may slightly differ from other versions:




  • You must be connected to the EUI network either via LAN or WiFi (if on campus) or VPN (if off campus).
  • You must have full Administrator rights on your Mac.



Accessing Your Personal Area (G:)

  1. Open up Finder and from the Menu choose Go. Scroll down and select Connect to Server.
  2. Type in the Server Address box:
    IMPORTANT: do NOT omit the $ symbol at the end of your username!
    Please refer to the server list if you do not know the name of the server where your Personal Folder (G: drive) resides.
  3. Make sure to click the sign + for adding the server to the Server List.
  4. Go to Connect and the authentication window will pop up.
  5. In the Name field insert [your_username] and in the Password field your usual (login and e-mail) password. Confirm by clicking the Connect button.

A new window will pop up with your Personal Storage Area (G: Drive) that will now be available.

To disconnect, use the Eject symbol that appears next to the server name.


Accessing Your Web Area (W:)

Follow the steps above but write the following in step 2:



Accessing Your Common or Shared Area (H:, S: etc.)

Follow the steps above but write the following in step 2:


Please refer to the server list if you do not know the name of the server where your Shared Areas reside.



Page last updated on 06 March 2020