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Kangoo Jumps at the EUI with the only Brazilian master qualified in Florence!


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Welcome to Kangoo Jumps

Kangoo Jumps is an absolutely amazing and fun workout for everybody to enjoy.

It is a 60-minute intense cardiovascular workout that combines dance moves, running and jumping around.

Studies have shown that 30 minutes of rebound (rebound) equals 5 km of running!

Remember how you felt bouncing on a trampoline as a kid?! Rebound shoes allow you to tap that inner kid and burn fat and calories so you can lose weight and feel fabulous.

You will feel comfortable and safe after only a few minutes of use. The Kangoo Jumps are very stable. Kangoo Jumps can be used for running, aerobics, dancercise, for all types of exercise!

Why participate?

- Protect your knees and joints (up to 80% less impact as compared to convention shoes);
- Increase your muscular and cardiovascular endurance and energy (20% more cardio than similar aerobic activity without a rebound shoes);
- Facilitate weight loss (burns 20% more calories than any other form of exercise);

-Release high amounts of endorphins!

Practical info

The price is indicatively (and depends on numbers) max 40EUR for research students, Jean Monnet/Max Weber Fellows and partners) (20EUR a month)

Max 66EUR for professors, staff,  visiting fellows, visiting professors, Fernand Braudel fellows and partners (33EUR a month)


The price includes shoe rental!

Who can join

Eveybody! Kangoo Jumps are ideally suited for all ages (6 to 90) and all fitness levels. 

Please contact Natalia Spodenkiewicz also to indicate your shoe size.



Wednesday and Friday
13 - 14

Page last updated on 12 April 2021

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