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EUI Distribution Lists

EUI Distribution Lists

Distribution Lists (DLs) are provided by the ICT Service as a means to facilitate internal e-mail send-outs in bulk, grouping together in a single address a series of addressees. They do not document official affiliations or memberships, they are only meant to ease management of e-mail messages. Creation and deletion of DLs are handled by the ICT Service. Sender permissions are managed by the respective DL maintainers

 (see Current Distribution Lists).

There are three types of DLs:

  1. global or institutional lists, representing all e-mail owners equipped with a valid EUI identity card in their various categories
  2. local or departmental and service lists,  compiled by single units
  3. lists of interest, to which users subscribe.

Like any e-mail sending, Distribution Lists too should be used following EUI rules for e-mailing and the guidelines for use of internal EUI Distribution Lists.

  1. Global DLs are DLeverybody, DLprofs, DLresearchers, DLfellows, DLvisitors, DLRAssociates, DLstaff, DLretired_staff, DLAlumniAndFriends, DLbldgBF, DLbldgVS, etc. Members are EUI e-mail users automatically entered according to their presence in each category. Entitlement to address DLeverybody is given to the Offices of the President and the Secretary General, and the Communications Service, for emergencies also to the Real Estate and Facilities and ICT Services. Access to sub-category DLs beyond the already mentioned offices has to be requested explicitly.
  2. Local DLs are departmental ones (e.g. DL_ECO, DL_ECO-R1st, DL_ECO-R2nd, etc.), or address single services (e.g. DL_LIB) or user groups (e.g. DL_FellowsMarieCurie, DL_FellowsMaxWeber). They are compiled by one representative of the unit (usually the administrative assistant), who also determines who gets entitled to send to them. They do not necessarily contain only “active” EUI members.
  3. Lists of interest are provided for messages to communities about particular activities at the EUI (e.g. Bar Fiasco or 4B events). Membership is gained by subscribe/unsubscribe requests, which maintainers confirm or deny. Who can send to them is as well defined by their maintainers.

A list of all currents DLs is available.


A PowerPoint slideshow summarizes the DL organization.


For further information and help about how to use DLs please contact – as usual – IT User Support.


Page last updated on 10 February 2021

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