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Partner Accounts for Researchers and Fellows

Partners of researchers and fellows can request a 'partner' computing account by contacting the EUI4U Unit (office BF443, Badia cloister).

Partner Accounts are set up annually and expire when the researcher's/fellow's EUI computing account expires:

A Partner Account Gives:

A Partner Account Does NOT Give:

  • EUI email address (we assume partners have already an external email account accessible via Internet)
  • Printing Quota (can be purchased via online eShop)
  • Access to a Personal Web Area (W: Drive) for personal webpages
  • Access to EUI software licences (for personal laptops) or Citrix
  • Access to web intranet (including Forum)


For a full outline of services and facilities available to Partners other than the ICT ones above, please check EUI4U Unit's EUI Card & EUI Partner Card page.

Page last updated on 06 August 2020

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