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365 Mail Client Configuration Settings

In order to configure your email client to succesfully access EUI mailboxes, it must support Microsoft Exchange mode. Exchange mode allows for a copy of the email to be safely kept on the mailserver as well as of instant synchronisation of calendar and contacts.



MS Outlook

Please Note: since the introduction of Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), different versions of Outlook (and/or MS Entourage) other than those stated above, are NOT supported anymore. For further information click here.


Check if you are eligible of a FREE copy of Microsoft Outlook to be installed on your personally-owned device!

Other Email Clients including Mobile Devices

The settings below have been tested on Android, iOS (iPad, iPod, iPhone) and MS Windows Phone devices but apply to any email client supporting Microsoft Exchange mode [1]:

  • Email or Account type: Microsoft Exchange

    Please Note: the above may not be requested by your email client

  • Account name / User name = same as your EUI email address ([email protected])
  • Email address = your EUI email address ([email protected])
  • Server address =

    Please Note: on iOS and (without http://)

  • If a Domain is requested, leave it blank


You may refer to your mobile device's documentation for step-by-step configuration instructions or check Microsoft's online documentation.



  • if you need assistance on the configuration of Outlook on any EUI provided service computer (desktop or laptop), please contact the EUI Helpdesk.
  • if you need assistance on the configuration of Outllok or any other email clinet on your personally-owned device, please contact Portable Device Support.






[1] = Microsoft Exchange Mode can sometimes be referred to as Microsoft Exchange Online or Mail for Exchange or Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.



Page last updated on 23 October 2019

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