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Internet Access at EUI Flats

Fast, fiber-based internet access is available both at the main Ponte alla Badia (PAB) flats in Via Faentina (wireless as well as wired access) and at the Pian di Mugnone (PDM) flats (wireless acces only). 

Please note internet access from the EUI flats is independent from the EUI corporate network and is managed and supported the external, dedicated provider Hi Solution under the umbrella of the Real Estate & Facilities Service.

Access details will be communicated to the tenants either by the Housing Office or by the relevant supporting company on behalf of the Housing Office.

Please refrain from contacting the ICT Service for access credentials!


This document details how to make use of the wired and wireless connection in your EUI flat:



Wired Connection (LAN)


  • Your device must have a properly installed 10BaseT, 100BaseT or 1000Base/T compliant network card (NIC). Advice on installing and setting up your network card can be provided by Portable Device Support;
  • You must provide yourself with a Cat5e or Cat6 UTP compliant network cable with standard RJ45 connector/plug.
  • Your Network Connection on your device must be set to DHCP (that is, obtain IP address automatically).

Where to Find Wired Access Areas

LAN sockets are distributed at least one for each bedroom and at least one in the common area (entrance, kitchenette, living room area) of PAB flats ONLY!

Please Note: the above infrastructure cannot be expanded.


  1. plug the network cable into the network socket on the wall. Plug the other end into your computer;
  2. depending on the Operating System and version, a small icon or a reminder may show up confirming successful physical connection.


As the internet connection at the flats is independent from the EUI campus network, in order to access EUI's electronic and network resources (such as Library publications, personal network area, etc.), prior authentication via VPN Remote Connection is needed.



Wireless Connection


  • Your device and/or wireless card must support at least 802.11b/g European radio standard. Please note that 802.11a (U.S. radio standard) is NOT supported;
  • Your Network Connection on your device must be set to DHCP (that is, obtain IP address automatically).

Where to Find Wireless Access Areas

Wireless access covers the entire flat.


Please note the existing infrastructure cannot be expanded, therefore the installation of (personal) WiFi extenders is NOT allowed!



  1. turn on your wireless network card (depending on the make, either via hardware or software switch);
  2. depending on the Operating System and version, a list of available wireless networks may show up (otherwise you have to scan for available wireless networks manually): select EUI_xxx or EUI_PDM_xxx where xxx is the number assigned to your flat:

    For example, if your flat is assigned number 11, the WiFi name will be EUI_011 or EUI_PDM_011.

  3. The password for the WiFi is written on the Information Sheet available in your flat.
    If the information sheet is missing, please contact the Housing Office.


The WiFi password is unique for each flat and should NOT be shared with other tenants as this may decrease your flat's overall bandwidth!



Installing Your Own Network Device (Hub, Switch, Wireless Extender, etc.)


Internet connection at the EUI Ponte alla Badia (PAB) flats is run as a "managed network" and cannot be expanded. Therefore, the installation of additional network devices such as hubs, switches, access points and/or wireless extenders is NOT allowed.



  • For troubleshooting (e.g. wifi access point or whole internet down), please contact the service provider
    • MON-FRI 8:00-17:00
    • Phone: [+39] 050 6397469
    • Email: [email protected]

      When filing a request for support:

      • describe exactly the nature of the problem (this will help addressing the correct technical unit: electricians or IT support);
      • always cite the Flat and Block you are living in;
      • (in case you send an email) provide an alternative phone number (i.e. mobile) to contact you back;
      • (in case you send an email) let support know when you are available to be contacted.
  • Advice on installing and setting up a network card (e.g. configuring network card, setting DHCP, etc.) on personally-owned devices is provided by Portable Device Support.
  • For any further question, complaint or suggestion pertaining the level of service provided, contact the Real Estate & Facilities Service.


Please Note: failure to follow the above procedure and/or contacting directly the Housing Office may cause delays in providing assistance!


Service Level Agreement

The following Service Level Agreements (SLA) are in place with the service provider:

  • Response Time: the amount of time the service provider takes to provide the user with a rough diagnosis of the problem and/or a resolution time from the moment the request was filed (either via phone or email) is equal to 8 working hours.
  • Resolution Time: the amount of time the service provider takes to solve a problem from the moment of the communication of the expected resolution time and the actual resolution is equal to 8 working hours.



Page last updated on 26 March 2021

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