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Wireless Access for Registered Guests (EUI-Guest)

EUI's wireless guest network connection is called EUI-Guest and is available ONLY to registered guests:




  • You must have registered for an EUI Event (conference, seminar, etc.) via its organizer at the EUI [1]; or
  • You must register for a WiFi EUI-Guest account via your sponsoring Department/Programme/Project at the EUI [1].
  • EUI-Guest supports all 802.11b/g/n [2] wireless cards (European radio standard)

    Please Note: EUI-Guest does NOT support 802.11a (U.S. radio standard).

Supported OS and Devices

EUI-Guest has been tested working with all the EUI officialy supported Operating Systems.



Choose your OS/Device from the list below:



If you require assistance setting up EUI-Guest on your personal device, please contact the Support Desk Technician at the Event or Portable Device Support (only if a support desk is not directly available at the Event).

Please Note: assistance can be guaranteed to the above supported OS and devices ONLY! On unsupported OS and devices, assistance will be provided on "best effort" basis.



Following are the policies governing the use of EUI-Guest network:






[1] = If you failed to register but your home institution is a member of eduroam, you may still get wireless internet acess via EUI's eduroam Network.

[2] = 802.11n is available in some areas only.



Page last updated on 14 October 2019

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