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Using CDBurnerXP to Burn CDs & DVDs

Backing up to CD/DVD

Use a recordable CD/DVD (CD-R or DVD-R) or a rewritable CD/DVD (CD-RW or DVD-RW), NOT a normal CD.

Data written to a CD-R or DVD-R is permanently stored on the disk. You can add data to the disk, but you cannot remove data.

CD-RW or DVD-RW can be used again as data can be written and deleted. Some older PCs cannot read CD-RW discs.

A backup can be made using CDBurnerXP which is installed on any EUI computer.


Using CDBurnerXP

Launch CDBurnerXP by selecting Start > Programs > Burn CDs and DVDs > CDBurnerXP

The program will load. The main menu should appear. Select Data Disc to create a new Project.


CDBurnerXP - menu


Follow the on-screen instructions to add the files you want to burn. 


CDBurnerXP - DataDisc


The project contents shows the files you have added.

Add more files by dragging more items into the area, or by clicking 'Add' again.

Give the disc a title by right-clicking on Disc and typing a new name.

Give your CD/DVD a relevant name so that you can tell what it contains without having to browse the contents.


CDBurnerXP - Rename


When you are satisfied with what has been added to the project click 'Burn'.

You will get a new options menu. To ensure your disk can be read on any machine, select 'Finalise'.


CDBurnerXP - Finalise


If you have not done so already, you will be prompted to insert a blank disk of appropriate size. If you are using a rewritable disk make sure it has been erased (there is an option for this in CDBurnerXP).


CDBurnerXP - InsertDisk


While the CD/DVD is burning you will see a screen like this with an estimate of the remaining time. 


CDBurnerXP - Progress


When the CD/DVD has finished you will see the window below.


CDBurnerXP - complete


If you want to make another copy of this CD/DVD click 'Burn' again; otherwise click 'Close'.

You can now remove the CD/DVD.

Page last updated on 17 August 2017

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