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Misuse and Hacking

Use of EUI computing facilities is a privilege granted only to responsible users. Responsible computing implies the ethical use of the computer as a tool.

The purpose of the present document is to make clear the consequences for anyone found guilty of interfering with the Institute's computer-based systems.


Consequences of misuse and hacking

The ICT Service reserves the right to suspend or terminate use of its facilities in the case of gross infringement of the present Policy guidelines [1].

In the event of significant or repeated violation of the present guidelines, the Head of the ICT Service will lodge a complaint to the disciplinary Committee of the EUI according to the Disciplinary Regulations.

Because of its potentially serious consequences to the work and well-being of the Institute, hacking will be generally regarded as gross misconduct. Where hacking is a criminal offence, offenders may also be liable to criminal prosecution [2].

Violation of copyright held by individuals and corporations or other entities can give rise to civil and criminal liability on the part of the infringer. Also, distribution of Internet viruses, worms, and Trojan horses can result in civil and/or criminal liability.






[1] = Any and all illegal activities shall result in immediate discontinuance of services.

For example, anyone who willfully introduces computer viruses, worms, or Trojan horses into EUI equipment will have their computer privileges immediately suspended or revoked and may be held liable for damages. Similarly, attempted vandalism to equipment or software will automatically result in suspension or loss of computer privileges, and may give rise to more severe sanctions. This includes not only physical destruction of computer equipment, but also destruction of cabling and network infrastructure, attempts to gain unauthorized access by defeating network security (hacking), and destruction or alteration of files.

[2] = The EUI reserves the right to report illegal activities to the appropriate regulatory, administrative and/or governmental authorities for the purposes of prosecution or other forms of sanction.



Page last updated on 07 October 2020

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