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Print Support

Technical assistance for local (office) and (public) multifunction printers is taken care of Print Support, staffed with a Ricoh technician, available full-time on premise and based at the Print Shop (Villa Poggiolo area in Via di San Domenico 5).



Areas of Competence

Print Support is responsible for:

  • the maintenance and servicing of all Ricoh printers installed at the EUI campus;
  • the supply of consumables (except for paper, catered for by Porters);
  • the allocation of printing rights and print quota.

Office Hours

On premise:

On call:

Please Note: during on call hours support will be provided only to the main printing infrastructure in order to ensure the service is up running.


If assistance is needed, please file a support request (ticket) either:

  • via EUI Helpdesk (, making sure to choose category IT Support Printing
  • by calling ext. 2600 ([+39] 055 4685 600)

The technician will diagnose and attempt to resolve any problems related to printing. If the diagnosed problem is a result of a PC, software or network malfunction, users will be redirected to ICT User Support or Portable Device Support accordingly (depending on the nature of the hardware involved).



Page last updated on 17 August 2017

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